Jun. 21st, 2021 12:00 am
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Name: Tsardom of Russia
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Age: looks like he's in his late teens (actually 800-ish)
Canon point: Started his DWRP career as Muscovy, from during the Tartar Yoke, late 1300s | went to Eachdraidh and left in early November 2701 | went to Ataraxion and left two months after the end of the game | went to Hadriel and was canon updated in February 2017 to: 1680 AD
Race: Nation

> Narva/Kira
> Contact: [plurk.com profile] narwa or Discord Narva#9949

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No: Talk of current irl developments involving Russia.
Maybe, ask: Strong violence, death, sexual situations.
Yes: Everything else =D

This is also the place for you to tell me that you
- don't want Russia to interact with your characters
- don't want him to address certain topics with them
- don't don't want him to stalk your character
- don't want him to use healing magic on them